The Lead designer and curator and artist ADYOR VANDERLEI does work wkh out obscure artist o make personal or commerce website for them. He ven runs thier wordpress, tumblr, doteast web hosting and domain and even E Commerce online stores . To contcat ADYOR meailto:info@adyorism.ccom

ADYOR uses a stag name so you wont find his real name under and big companied but we can say he has worked with VERSACE, HERMES, GUCCI, DONDA OBEY, PYRX, OFF WHITE, and makt other fashionable brands he can't deisclose because of a signee NDA. Most artist don't wont their fan base knowing a totally different artist designed their work for them nd alls they id was slap thier own mae on it and call it theres, I;m kinda like a ghost writer for brands and cllthing companies.




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AETCHBASE STORE 2. This store will print at lest  200 ecxusive designs. what doffernces us from most cllthing bands is that we price our shirt beased on the hours it took to create the unique and rare designs that we boast we have. Artst Adyor and KRUL VANDERLEI have come up with design editing techniques applyied to ancient scultuesThats we feel we have a similuar look at God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They believed they were creathing their best work out of respect for  God as do we. click HERE to vkiew shop @


AETCH BASE is more than just a t-shirt company. HBASE is a brand that focuses on design with God as the purpose that fuels inspiration for each design whether aparent of abstract GOD is always the main focus.


AETCHBASE STORE CLICK HERE EXCLUSIVE 50 print edition only will only print 50 pinted of each design causing scarcity anr rarity i th market place. AETCH BASE isn't for evry jJoeNormalMan off the street our products are driven by excuisite dsign slike no other company.  Click HERE to enter the high-end shop/